Welcome to Dream House Wellness Mentorship!

Do you find yourself willing your way into an all-inclusive "dream fitness" plan

that has you exercising for an hour 7 days a week only to find that life gets in the way?


Do you find yourself committing to another “clean eating” plan AGAIN for one week

just to find yourself exhausted and out of time and meal ideas?


Not to mention, you’re sick and tired of cooking 3 different meals in the evening to match all of the food “preferences “ in your house? There's no time for this in your already busting-at-the-seams-schedule!


If you’re ALL DONE with ALL IN and sick of the over-promising powders, patches and pills;

I invite you to partner with me to build your own “dream health” with your own custom floor plan!

Much like building your dream house, your health starts with a strong foundation. Your dream house takes time. Foundation, framework, walls, windows, doors and finally your rooftop and details. 

Now consider building your “dream health” : foundations, framework, structure, details and maintenance . 


I help motivated women who are tired of all or nothing diet plans.

I help women reach a faith centered life of balanced  health

to have greater joy and satisfaction in who God created them to be at their best!

Are you ready to be at your best?

Are you ready to build your dream health?

Join me in Dream House Wellness, a mentorship created for the motivated woman who wants step by step goal setting, a deeper understanding of how her body works and how God designed it to perform optimally,

accountability of a faith centered and personal coach, and success that lasts a lifetime. 


Dream House Wellness is not for every one...

Discover if this personalized 12 habit program is for you.

Schedule a private and free discovery call today!

What you'll get as a Dream House Wellness Member

💌 Access to all Program materials structured at a pace that's set for success

never get overwhelmed again

💌Video sessions

💌One on One sessions with me, your personal coach: ZOOM calls or in person:

your choice

💌PDF downloadable class content and trackers

💌Bi-weekly assessments to track your progress

💌Your  own Unplug and Focus journal

to tie all of your goals and progress together in one place

Access to the Private FOCUS Wellness Facebook Support Community

As a Registered Nurse, certified nutrition coach, and certified group fitness instructor, I’m excited to join you in an online workshop focusing on one goal:

balanced nutrition to last your lifetime 
💌No more sugar addiction
💌Learn the why behind balance instead of good vs. bad
💌 practice balance one step at a time 
💌Find support from me as your coach
💌Learn how to handle and heal from emotional eating 
💌Finally get away from self sabotage and difficult to follow diet trends. 
💌 Learn how your body and mind function BEST regardless of age or lifestyle 
A 6 month FOCUS with results that can last a lifetime!

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