Unplug and Focus journal

You’re here because you’re motivated and you’re a go-getter.

You have strong faith, a career, a family, hobbies, friends!

You’ve come a long way baby!


But when it comes to deepening your faith, health and exercise...

you’re motivated but at a loss with where to start


I have been there!

My intentions to read more of Gods Word

have been overlooked on too many occasions

I have fuddled through ALL of the trendy diets in existence… 

Each new diet plan that came along sounded like the one that would finally

cure me of my struggle with how to eat right, lose weight, and have energy!

But I failed at each one...

I just couldn't keep up with all the demands

and changes each one commanded of me.

I even struggled during a dark time in my life with an eating disorder.

But through prayer,  planning and action God

has  helped me to overcome this struggle!

And I'm ready to share it with you:

As a Registered Nurse and Certified Nutrition Coach

I have spent many years trying to find my way with a plan that works

that I can actually stick to.

After  15 years of experience and studying I have created

Unplug and Focus

a faith and fitness journal

I am so excited to share it with you now!


 Let’s face it...

health is so much more than just nutrition…

It’s faith, prayer, sleep, planning, and preparing,to name a few areas…

And that can all be overwhelming!


Where is one to start !? 

It’s time to Unplug and Focus. 

In your journal, each day I guide you through a focused routine that is simple.

Taking only 10 or 15 minutes each day

the Unplug and Focus journal can guide you into a better sleep cycle

so you can finally wake up rested and clear minded!


With unplug and focus you can begin to live out your hope to memorize more scripture

organize your thoughts and dreams,

prioritize and actually accomplish your goals

and it even helps you to map out your exercise and nutrition plan for your week

It's like a coach in a book!


Not sure what to eat? Unplug and Focus will guide you


Grab your Unplug and Focus journal today and turn your prayer life into a productive life!

God has in store so much more!

Journal Preview

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